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Professional Kiln Wood Drying, Saw Milling & Quality Kiln Dried Lumber in Cincinnati, Louisville and Indianapolis

Need high quality kiln-dried lumber for your furniture, flooring or decoration? Looking for professional kiln wood drying and saw milling services for your woodworking project in Cincinnati, Louisville and Indianapolis? You have come to the right place!

From the variety of lumber products to various wood services, Valley View Wood Solutions is the one call to make for all your hardwood lumber needs.

Why Choose Valley View Wood Solutions

  • Family Owned Business
  • One Stop Company For All Your Kiln Dried Lumber & Woodworking Needs in Cincinnati, Louisville & Indianapolis
  • Years of Experience in Log & Timber Industry
  • Specializes in Custom Kiln Drying & Saw Milling
  • Offers Variety of Wood Species
  • High Quality Machines & Technology
  • Several Thousand feet of Wood On Hand Available to Sell
  • Latest & Safe Log & Lumber Manufacturing Process
  • Owned Saw Milling & Wood Drying Facilities
  • Great Prices
  • Serving Clients in Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis & Surrounding Areas

Kiln Dried Lumber & Wood Drying in Cincinnati, Louisville and Indianapolis

Dried Woods & Lumbers in Cincinnati

Valley View Wood Solutions is a full service and family owned company providing woodworking projects in Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Our quality kiln-dried lumber is great for flooring, furniture or decoration. We are also a trusted company for professional saw milling and kiln-drying in Cincinnati, Louisville and Indianapolis. We offer various lumber products including a variety of species such as Walnut, Cherry, Red Oak, Cedar and a great variety for our customers.

Our company has its own saw milling and wood drying facilities that ensure consistent quality kiln-dried lumber and wood products. Our high tech machines and techniques allow us to serve our clients quickly and efficiently, but still provide the personal touch Valley View Wood Solutions is known for.

We make sure to provide only the best cuts and lumber for your project. We see and monitor the lumber throughout the entire saw milling and kiln drying process to provide you only the best quality timber in the area.

Our company’s commitment to provide high quality kiln-dried lumber, saw milling, drying and other woodworking services has made Valley View Wood Solutions become one of the trusted and preferred companies in Cincinnati, Louisville and Indianapolis.


Planing and Moulding

Valley View Wood Solutions offers expert and custom planning and mouldings to meet your requirements. We can custom make any patterns and match any moulding that is not currently available in the marketplace. We also offer thickness planning to your specifications.

With our state-of-the-art planning and moulding machines, Valley View Wood Solutions can meet all your project needs.

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Custom Saw Milling

Here at Valley View Wood Solutions we can do many saw milling applications. From natural edge flaps, flooring, or ceiling projects, our team of experts we can help you with your saw milling needs in Cincinnati, Louisville and Indianapolis.

We are able to cut very unique lumber dimensions and make it become a beautiful piece of custom work.

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VFor all your kiln-dried lumber, wood drying and saw milling service needs in Cincinnati, Louisville and Indianapolis, contact Valley View Wood Solutions today at 812-571-1496 and get the best lumber at the best prices. Stop by to see our lumber products to get your flooring, furniture, decorative or other woodworking project started today.

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